KQ CEO Allan Kivaluka Takes 35PC Pay Cut As Coronavirus Eats into Carrier’s Revenues


Kenya Airways (KQ) Chief Executive Allan Kilavuka will take a 35 per cent pay cut, following reduced revenues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline’s board members also agreed to forego their monthly fees and sitting allowances in a bid to save the national carrier which has suspend its flights to a number of countries.

Recently, KQ suspended two weekly flights on the London and Paris routes as from March 25 to April 16.

“These changes are necessary to ensure optimal and efficient operations and the airline will continue to make adjustments as the situation demands,” said the statement.

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KQ has already cancelled a number of flights to major hubs including Guangzou, China, where small traders go to buy manufactured goods that can be flown in cargo planes.

The airline also suspended flights on the Rome-Geneva route on March 12  following escalated cases of coronavirus in Italy.

Mr Kilavuka was confirmed to the position on February 27, following the exit of former CEO Sebastian Mikosz.

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