LG Electronics Entices Gamers With Modern Screens

Technology being dynamic, millennials are looking for a cheaper method of gaming without having to buy a new console after upgrades. This has caused PC gaming to become a global trend within the last decade.

E-Sports in Kenya is not only becoming a recreational activity but also for lucrative business venture.

The key driver behind the growth of gaming in Kenya has been the establishment of high-speed internet infrastructure, allowing gamers to watch and compete with each other across the country and the globe.

In Africa, Egypt is the top gaming market, generating Sh20.6 billion ($205 million) a year, according to Statistica.

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2017-2022 report, declared that gaming industry in Kenya was worth $44 million (Sh4.4 billion)  in 2013 and would to triple (22.4% increment) by 2020. Globally, gaming has generated a total of $108 billion (Sh109 trillion) in revenue in 2017 and $137 billion in 2018 with PC gaming being a major player.

“There is an increase in PC game consumption among the Kenyan youth and we at LG are headliners with smart technology to create immersive user entertainment as we forge into 2019,”says LG East Africa Marketing Manager Mr. Moses Marji.

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LG Electronics is leading in its commitment to gaming technology with its UltraGear and UltraWide monitors that take user immersion to a new level thanks to their high performance, superb picture quality and speedy refresh rate. Combined with the 21:9 screens and stylish design, it is bound to create an immersive playing field env that enhances the gaming experience.

With such factors inbuilt onto the monitors, gamers can have high hopes for to the CES 2019 as LG plans to announce new hardware.

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