M-TIBA MD Appointed CEO of CarePay International

M-TIBA MD Pieter Prickaerts
Pieter Prickaerts. [Photo/Courtesy]

Pieter Prickaerts, Managing Director of Kenya’s leading health insurance technology platform, M-TIBA, has been appointed as CarePay International’s CEO to spearhead the proven technology’s global expansion.

The Supervisory Board of CarePay International announced that Mr Prickaerts will officially assume the CEO position on July 1, 2024, while continuing to oversee M-TIBA’s operations in Kenya. He succeeds Kees van Lede, who has led CarePay for nine years and will transition to an advisory role while remaining closely involved as a co-founder.

In addition, CarePay International is proud to announce the appointment of Rita Okuthe to the Supervisory Board. Her appointment underscores the commitment to incorporating Kenyan leadership and expertise in CarePay’s strategic decisions.

“In our mission to provide healthcare access to more people in Kenya, across the region and internationally, Pieter will be supported by a robust and diverse management team,” stated Rita Okuthe.

Pieter joined CarePay in 2019 as Customer Success Director and became Managing Director of M-TIBA in 2023. In these roles, he significantly scaled CarePay’s technology in Kenya, enhancing accessibility and affordability of health insurance for Kenyans. Prior to CarePay, Pieter held roles at McKinsey & Company across various global locations.

CarePay’s platform connects individual members with payers and healthcare providers in real-time, managing patient payments and information flows efficiently. This cloud-based technology reduces administration costs and accelerates hospital payments through automation and AI, thereby lowering healthcare costs and enhancing transparency and patient experience.

To date, over 4.8 million individuals and 5,000 healthcare providers have joined the platform, with CarePay preparing for expansion into new markets. The company raised USD $45 million in Series A funding in 2019. CarePay was also recognized in Fortune’s 500 ‘Change the World’ index in 2020.

“The transformative impact of technology on healthcare administration is profound, especially as global healthcare costs continue to rise,” said Mr. Prickaerts. “In Sub-Saharan Africa, less than 15% of the population has access to health insurance, highlighting the critical need to expand access. I am honored by the board’s trust in appointing me as CEO and look forward to advancing our global healthcare transformation.”

“I extend my gratitude to Kees for his contributions and dedication in advancing CarePay to its current stage,” Mr. Prickaerts added. “As a founding member, Kees has built a strong foundation and demonstrated the value of CarePay’s technology through real-world applications in Kenya and beyond. We are pleased that he will remain closely involved to ensure a seamless transition.”

“On behalf of the Board, we have full confidence in Pieter’s ability to lead CarePay to new heights,” concluded Rita Okuthe.

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