Mwananchi Credit Launches #DriveSafe Campaign to Promote Road Safety in Kenya

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Mwananchi Credit, a leading microfinance company specializing in logbook loans, has announced the launch of its #DriveSafe campaign, aimed at addressing the alarming increase in traffic accidents on Kenyan roads. This initiative underscores Mwananchi Credit’s commitment to promoting road safety and upholding its core values of care and diligence.

According to recent statistics by NTSA, traffic accidents have become a significant concern in Kenya, (22,000 people were involved in accidents in 2022 ). This has led to devastating consequences for individuals, families, and the overall society. Mwananchi Credit acknowledges the urgent need for immediate action to mitigate this crisis and protect the lives of Kenyan citizens.

Dennis Mombo, CEO of Mwananchi Credit, expressed his thoughts on the campaign, stating, “At Mwananchi Credit, we have always believed in caring for our customers and the communities we serve. The #DriveSafe campaign is a testament to our unwavering commitment to their well-being. We aim to create awareness about road safety and educate individuals on responsible driving practices, ultimately making our roads safer for everyone.”

The #RoadSafety campaign is designed to engage the public through various educational initiatives, such as road safety workshops, awareness campaigns, and community outreach programs.

Mwananchi Credit recognizes the importance of collaborating with like-minded partners to achieve the shared goal of improving road safety in Kenya.Gitonga Muriithi, General Manager of Mwananchi Credit, emphasized the significance of partnerships in this endeavor, stating, “We believe that collective efforts can have a profound impact on road safety. We are actively seeking collaborations with other organizations, government bodies, and stakeholders who share our vision to create safer roads. Together, we can drive positive change and save lives.”

Mwananchi Credit encourages individuals, organizations, and concerned citizens to join the #DriveSafe campaign and actively participate in promoting road safety. By leveraging its extensive network and resources, Mwananchi Credit aims to make a lasting impact on the road accident rates in Kenya.

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