Rai Cement boss Chetan Vyas found Murdered


Rai Cement boss Chetan Vyas has been found murdered in Kericho county.

According to reports, the body was found inside his bedroom at his home located within the factory premises in Sigowet/Soin sub county, with hands and legs tied.

Kericho Deputy Police Commander Paul Nasio confirmed the incident, saying that the killers gained access to the bedroom through the roof before committing the heinous act.

“They lifted the tiles from the roof, gaining access to the house through the kitchen store before proceeding to the bedroom where Siaz was sleeping,” he said.

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The suspects disconnected the exterior CCTV camera but their images were captured inside the house. However, it was not possible to identify them since they were wearing masks at the time.

The made away with some bags whose contents are unknown.

The body has been moved to Kisumu County Hospital mortuary as investigations begin.

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