Reduced Number Of Patients Forces Mater Hospital To Slash Employee Salaries, Send Others On Leave


The Mater Misericordiae Hospital will slash employee salaries by up to 50 percent over reduced revenues due to Covid-19 pandemic effects.

In a memo to all staffers from the Hospital CEO Prof Dominic Mwenja, the management will be forced to send a number of employees to an unpaid leave.

“All staff will unfortunately take a pay cut in the month of June, July, August and September in a graduated scale according to their pay. Since patient numbers hoe reduced drastically, we will remain at an optimal operational level. This means that we will send a considerable number or staff on unpaid leave but cushion them with 50% of the new graduated salary,” said Prof Mwenja.

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The groups will alternate with one month on leave and the following month on duty.

“This will continue to be in effect for a period of four months after which we will review the situation,” added Prof Mwenja.

The hospital joins a number of institutions that have slashed employee salaries, while others have closed down hence sent employees on unpaid leave.

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