Respiratory Doctor Talks On Corona Virus’ Threats, Similarities With Other Respiratory Diseases

Dr Amayo Amuko from Bliss. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Kenyans’ lifestyles have been shaken up and changed after the firts case of Coronavirus (Covid-19) was reported in the country.

Many are gearing up with knowledge collecting all the information they can about the Corona virus. The virus causes respiratory problems and experience in dealing with respiratory diseases is important in curbing the corona virus.

Dr Amayo Amuko, a Medical Superintendent at Bliss Healthcare talks about the similarities of Covi-19 to other respiratory illnesses. Amuko has experiences in dealing with such diseases as he has been taking care of Tuberclosis patients at Bliss Healthcare.

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According to Amuko, Kenya has been treating respiratory diseases with the kind of seriousness they deserve. This reason makes Amayo confident that the world right now is able to deal with Covid-19.

“We have a system of quick identification and referrals to the respective inpatient facility for severe cases,” Amayo says about Bliss Healthcare’s preparedness to deal with the virus, “Protocols for highly infectious diseases and notifiable diseases and are available and implemented in tandem with released government guidelines.”

The Bliss Healthcare doctor added that the government as a whole is prepared enough to deal with the virus. Before the first case in Kenya, Covid-19 had already become a threat in China and some European nations. The government had time to prepare for it.

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“The world right now is in a better shape to come up with a medical solution- a coronavirus drug or vaccine- than it’s ever been. Within a couple of weeks of discovering the outbreak, Chinese scientists sequenced the virus genome and share it with the world,” noted Amayo.

The Bliss Healthcare Medical Superintendent believes that Covid-19’s days in the world are numbered. With Bliss leading the way, most medical centres in the country have been briefed on how to deal with the virus if they come across a patient of the same.

In addition, Dr Amayo believes that the quarantines are the first step towards competely curbing the virus.
“It’s still possible that quarantines and travel bans will first halt the outbreak and then eradicate the microbe, in a best case scenario as per what happened with SARS in 2003,” he said.

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