Safaricom’s New Feature To Alert You When Someone Tries To Use Your ID To Register New Line


Safaricom will now alert you when someone tries to register a new SIM card with your ID number.

In a new feature announced today, when someone tries to register a new line, you will receive an SMS notification through the number 707. In case it is not you, you will reply with No, and the registration will be stopped.

There have been increased sim swap frauds in the country, and also theft of personal information that is used to register new sim cards for fraudsters.

Thousands of people have been blacklisted with Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs) while others are battling court cases after their details were used in crime involving new numbers registered using their IDs.

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Yesterday, officers from the DCI arrested a local bank employee and two students in a suspected crime syndicate.

According to the DCI, 400 mobile sim cards, eight National Identification Cards (ID), two laptops and four mobile phones were recovered from the trio during the operation.

The local bank employee was identified as Kevin Oroko, a Software Developer alongside the two students Ian Kinanga and Jefferson Bosire.

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