Sleuths Raid Goldenscape Offices, Cart Away Computers


Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have raided Goldenscape Greenhouses offices in Karen, Nairobi and carted away several computers.

The detectives are said to have rounded up five employees and questioned them before taking away documents and computers for examination.

The detectives seized 10 desktops and documents believed to contain crucial evidence that will help the with investigations over fraudulent deals.

Chief Executive Officer Peter Wangai said to be on the run after shutting down his offices in Nairobi’s Central Business District and Lower Kabete.

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Wangai went missing after investors launched complaints against him over the alleged conning scheme that has left them staring at a loss of billions.

The agribusiness company has failed to pay its investors since December 2019.

The company has been shifting goal posts, but things went south on February 29 when the company was supposed to pay investors, but instead shut its offices.

Goldenscape greenhouses offered investors the option of leasing greenhouses with contracts that promised rich returns.

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