The Economist Group Picks Gina Din Group As Its Regional Media Representative


Gina Din Group has been appointed as media representatives for The Economist Group in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Equatorial Guinea.

This was announced by Publicity Project Management (Pty) Ltd (PPM), based in Johannesburg South Africa, the media representatives in East & Southern Africa for The Economist Group.

“We have been looking at the East African market for some time as an area of importance in Africa and are delighted to have partnered with The Gina Din Group to help develop that importance with The Economist,” said Mike Armstrong, Director at PPM

“As a measure of the importance that Africa has, we have recently carried two very positive cover stories on Africa in the worldwide print edition of The Economist as well as a number of African county and company Corporate Reports in our Africa print edition.”

The Economist Group, is a British multinational media company headquartered in London and best known as publisher of The Economist. The Economist Group specialises in international business and world affairs information.

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“Part of the diversity of The Economist Group is that we have a fully integrated Events Division that offers Custom Events to help grow business ideas and companies. This is apart from the more traditional forms of media such as the print, digital and online editions. The Gina Din Group’s expertise in growing their Clients’ businesses in the Region and their experience in Clients’ Events, make them the ideal partner for The Economist Group,” he added.

Nick Mesquita, Senior Vice President at The Economist Group commented, “We look forward to working closely with The Gina Din Group, PPM’s new partners in East Africa and assisting them in their Clients’ marketing solutions in Africa, and the rest of the World.”

“Our mission at Gina Din Group to shape African Conversations is at the core of what we promise to deliver to clients. It is critical to have strategic partners who allow us to deliver global standards and visibility through a local lens, the Economist Group is the perfect partner commented Mrs. Irungu- Macharia Gina Din Group Managing Director.

Ms. Gina Din- Kariuki Executive Chair of Gina Din Group added “It is an honour for us to represent such a great global brand. Africa’s time is now, and we are determined to shape how the world sees us and we will support the region in sharing more positive stories. It is our job to change how the world views Africa.”

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