UAE Royal Family’s Gold Is Not In Kenya, Zaheer Jhanda Speaks

Zaheer Jhanda [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Zaheer Jhanda, the politician who has been named as a person of interest in the fake gold saga has come out to speak.

Jhanda, in an interview with local tv station says that the gold in question, which belongs to United Arab Emirates (UAE) Royal family is not in Kenya, adding a new twist to the whole saga.

“We are waiting for the gold to come from Congo so that we are able to export it to Dubai,” said Jhanda.

The 40-year-old from Kisii says that he only played an advisory role in the deal, where he was to receive hefty payments of Ksh1.4 billion.

Adding to the controversy, Jhanda said that no money has been paid for it, refuting earlier claims that the UAE royal family had been scammed.

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“I cannot give you all the details because of security. I was only supposed to make arrangements for it once it arrived in Kenya. No gold has been lost. The gold is still in Congo and to the best of my knowledge, no money has been paid,” he added.

According to a consultancy contract between him and Z Livia FZE which was to come into effect on December 26, he was to transport 4,600 kilos of gold to UAE.

This comes at a time when reports are nigh that Sheikh Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has written to Kenya to complain about the shipment of gold under “our company’s name Zlivia which is being retained by your authorities in Kenya.”

In the January 20 letter, the Sheikh acknowledges he understands the delay was caused by the last terrorist attack in Kenya, in reference to the dusitD2 terror attack.

“Why is the letter addressed to the CS bearing a yahoo email address. It would be natural for the ruler, if he had a complain to channel it through diplomatic channels or call his counterpart directly,” he added.

Jhanda, despite being profiled as a person of interest by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), says that he has not been called or questioned by the investigators.

“Who is complaining about the loss of gold. I am talking to Zandi. I can call him right now and put him on speaker phone. Remember I am also a director of Zlivia and if the gold has been lost as has been purported I too have lost,” he added.

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