6 Main Forms Of Academic Fraud In Kenya

Academic Fraud
Academic Fraud. [Photo/Gül Işık/Pexels]

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has identified the following six categories of academic fraud as the most prevalent in Kenya:

(i) Persons altering their High School grades on their KCSE certificates to gain entry into the University.

(ii) Individuals personating people named on certificates (including of dead persons) to either apply for admission to learning institutions or seek employment.

(iii) Persons who get admission to University programs but for some reason fail to complete their studies but forge degree/diploma certificates which they use to secure employment;

(iv) Persons who enrol for University programs, complete their studies and graduate but alter their degree/diploma classification from “second class honours lower division” to “first class honours.”

(v) Persons who have never set foot in any classroom but are fraudulently issued academic certificates by the Universities. They get all certificates and transcripts;

(vi) Persons who enroll for higher courses such as Masters or Doctorate programs using forged Diplomas and Degree certificates. Genuine higher qualifications but fake lower ones.

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