African HR Leaders Headed To Dubai To Discuss Role of HR In Digital Transformation

Africa HR Leaders Consortium Executive Director Joseph Mathenge. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

African HR Executives are set to converge at Grand Hyatt Dubai on December 3 to December 5 to discuss the role of HR in Culture Transformation, effective talent management & effective change management in the era of Digital Transformation.

The conference is set to highlight the cultural transformation, Effective talent management and effective change management This are key drivers towards ensuring there is better digital solutions within organizations.

“The Regional workforce transformation defines transformation as an organizational culture improvement initiative that requires understanding and continuous participation in quality improvement at every level of an organization. There has been a serious budgetary increase for HR Technology/digital solutions over the past two years in their enterprises,” the organisers said in a statement.

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Africa HR Leaders Consortium Executive Director Joseph Mathenge culture has been identified as the top barrier to digital transformation.

“Culture transformation has real implication towards digital transformation. This was identified as a top barrier towards digital transformation. The conference will be looking at how HR Plays a powerful role in redefining culture by working with leaders to recruit the right staff and redesigning policies to encourage the right culture.”

The role of HR is to work with management to create the right ecosystem that will unleash the productivity of the workforce and deliver value for the customer as well as the employee.

“This will entail cultivating new competencies for HR professionals. HR Functions will continue to be demanding and exciting as we progress. HR leaders will only be able to deliver value and execute the transformation agenda if they continue to evolve and tailor their competencies towards today’s business needs,” added the organisers.

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