Credit Bank Among The Best In Kenya In Terms Of Customer Service – Report

Credit bank PLC has been named amongst top three banks offering Best Customer Service and the Best in its category according to Kenya Bankers association report released this week.

Customer service is the cornerstone of any successful enterprise. A satisfied clientele base, should be the key focus of sustainable business ventures. On this consideration, this survey sought to establish the needs of bank customers.

Speaking to Pamela Mutembei Head of Business and Marketing at Credit Bank she cited “We take pride in offering customer focused financial solutions and we are glad that our customer’s feel the impact:”

“Banks are at the core of the basic credit cycle, turning the economic wheel of the country. As much as the big banks tend to have large balance sheets and greater market share, customer experience is blind to size. Thus, no customer experience is unique to any tier,” read a statement from the lender.

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“A customer is a customer across the different Tier classifications of banks as alluded by the survey findings, where two Tier I banks, and one Tier III bank were among the top three rated as being customer centric and having the best digital experience overall,” added the statement.

According the report “The survey was conducted in conjunction with the Customer Service Week campaign. The survey ran from 23rd September 2018 to 13th November 2018. The survey which was administered through Survey Monkey, an online survey tool with a unique URL that allows only one entry per respondent; hence, avoiding multiple feedback from a single respondent.

The sampling was random, and feedback was elicited through banks’ online awareness campaigns, which called on the banking public to provide feedback on the survey”.