From Tanzanian Prison To Kenyan Business Circles: Don Bosco Gichana Roars Back

Don Bosco with Joe Kariuki addressing journalists last night.[PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Renowned business titan and political enigma Don Bosco Gichana, a man whose life has been fraught with all manner of high-profile storms and political gerrymandering last night made a thunderous return to his first love – Business.

At an event that was held at the swanky Azure Hotels in Westlands Don Bosco sat splendidly next to his fellow business magnate Joe Kariuki.

The event was the official launch of Joe Kariuki’s latest brainchild 51 Capital that deals with online Forex Trading across Africa and several other Continents.

Don Bosco during the launch of 51 Kapital

Don Bosco, who just endured a grueling and arduous five-year prison stint in the cold prison slabs of Tanzania, looked every inch ready to take over the market that made him a legendary City figure before his distressing Jail tenure.

Dressed resplendently in a $870 Yves Saint Laurent black suit, white shirt and a red tie, Mr Bosco spoke passionately about the future of forex trading, the benefits of cryptocurrency, the emergence of new economic trends and the lucrativeness of Online forex trading.

‘Forex Trading is the future. It’s the latest backbone of online business and the new frontier for emerging business leaders. The markets are open, the conditions are perfect and the benefits are immense. Business is now online. And none works better than Forex Trading. This is a business that will comfortably earn you a clean $2000 in your house in a single day. This is the future. You’re looking at the future, ‘ he declared proudly and to loud claps from across the room.

From left. 51 Capital COO Peter, 51 Capital CEO Joe Kariuki and Don Bosco Gichana. [PHOTO/ BUSINESS TIMES]
The event, that was graced by top business leaders cut from across the business spectrum, saw the guests addressed by the 51 Capital CEO Joe Kariuki, COO Peter and several other gathered guests.

“After our monumental win in Sydney, Australia, where we emerged second best in Africa as far as Forex Trading is concerned, we decided we have to make some pretty big noise about this and make an official launch of the company. We are at a good place now. And we are now inviting people from all walks of life to come to us, link up with us, hit us up and join the business immediately. This is the future, ” an elated Joe Kariuki reiterated.

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