Why DP William Ruto Is Silent About Mau Forest Issue


The main reason why William Ruto is silent on the Mau issue is 90% the 2022 politics. But many don’t know how the 2022 connection comes in. Let me educate you. As I said earlier right here, it’s only those who have taken the trouble to really study the mau issue and those who live in the Mau like myself who can authoritatively speak on this matter.

Well I digress. Back to the main subject matter of this post. Why William Ruto is silent on the Mau evictions. William is silent because he can’t afford to lose the Maasai vote come 2022. Plain simple.

There are only two most popular politicians in Narok Maasai land, William Ruto and Raila Odinga. Recall that Ruto’s party URP won the governorship of Narok in 2013 and Ruto’s man, Samuel Tunai won again in 2017. Basically Ruto has beaten Raila twice in the Narok gubernatorial race since 2013. He sees himself as the king of the Maasai.

Now the problem started when the Maasai leaders mobilized the rest of the Maasai people to rally behind the eviction of the KIPSIGIS from their land in Mau trust land with a pretext that the Kipsigis have encroached the Mau and rivers were drying (my next post I will tell you the actual reasons for this sudden interest in evicting the Kipsigis People, conservation is just scapegoat). Maasai leaders such as Ole Ledama have galvanized emotions of the Maasai people against the Kipsigis in Mau to a very dangerous levels.

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At the moment, 99% of Maasai people want the Kipsigis out of the TRUST LAND. The Maasai leaders such Ledama have lied to the Maasai that the Kipsigis encroached and that they have destroyed the sources of water for their cows. At the moment, any leader from Masaailand who stands with the Kipsigis and asks them to stay in the lands, that leader will lose his seat automatically.

This applies to William as well. Should William Ruto support the Kipsigis and asks them not to leave, he will automatically lose the support of the Maasai vote.

Now his cards are simple. He will keep quiet and send his footsodiers to keep on shouting on his behalf. All the while they will tell the Kipsigis, this is politics and they are using Mau evictions to fight their son, William Ruto for 2022.

The Ruto footsodiers will be telling the Kipsigis that tuko pamoja and they will even cry before the cameras. But the reality is that, William together with his confidants have done the math: would they rather lose the 250,000 Maasai votes in Narok or let eviction of just 70,000 Kipsigis from Mau? After all, the evicted Kipsigis will still vote for William Ruto in 2022!

A simple math. Even me if I were Ruto I will keep quiet. Play to the ignorance of the KIPSIGIS, Let them be evicted afterall they will vote me and still I retain the Maasai vote.

It is a matter of interest of one person becoming President in 2022 at the expense of thousands. Leadersship should be such that the leaders sacrifice on behalf of those who elected them. But in Kalenjin land, Leaders have changed that narrative. It is the people who sacrifice for the ONE leader. These people sacrificed in 2013, they did so in 2017 and now they are asked to be patient, sacrifice and allow one man be president in 2022.

You see, this is why we are a third World. A bunch of idiots being led like sheep. We can’t think and allow our brains the freedom of thinking beyond our tribal cocoons. It is a sad mental case.

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