Former Presidential Candidate Nazlin Umar Selling Ksh1.8 Billion Ruby To Help The Poor


Former Presidential candidate Nazlin Umar has announced that she is selling her 14.t carats ruby jewelry for at least Ksh500 million to help the poor.

In a Facebook post, Umar estimates that the global price of the jewelry is $1.18 million per carat, meaning her ruby could cost up to USD17 million (Ksh1.8 billion as per the current exchange rate).

“Well well, this price bomb just means that the true value of my ruby was underquoted by a dastardly hawk eyed jew who thought I would sell it to him. He had a gem shop at Westgate before the terrorist attack. The true value may be in hundreds of millions. Who will bid for it in Kenya?? We may have to move this auction across the seas and won’t make it in time for feeding the needy before lockdown,” she wrote.

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Umar however says she is willing to take Ksh500 million “for the sake of poor Kenyans” who might be affected by the lockdown, in case it is announced.

“Can tycoons and politicians come out and bid it for at least 500M? It is for humanity anyway and worthy rare jewel to behold. And we don’t mind you paying for it with looted funds. It is going back to the people anyway, albeit my kids loss of their inheritance. The money will go to food baskets, social counselling, job hunting and their human rights defense and rare medical urgent action fund,” she adds.

She says her ruby is from Burma tor, a rare pink, and could be the most expensive ruby in the world.

“Commonly referred to as the “King of Gemstones,” rubies feature a spectrum of vibrant red hues. They range from pink all the way to a darker red. The fiery gem is a symbol of passion and a zest for life. This meaning has been passed down through ancient cultures who believed the color represented blood.

In 2015, an extremely rare Burmese ruby was auctioned off at a Sotheby’s event in Geneva for over $30 million. My Ruby is from Burma tor, a rare pink as you can see. This meant the 26-carat gem, (mine is about 14.7 carat) named “The Sunrise Ruby” after a poem by the legendary 13th-century poet Rumi, sold at $1.18 million per carat. That’s a staggering number which makes it the most expensive ruby ever sold,” she concludes.

Currently in Kenya, there are 142 cases of Covid-19, four deaths and four recoveries.

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