Government to pay Miguna ksh.7 M for rights’ violation

Miguna Miguna is a Kenyan. On Friday 14th Dec, Justice Chacha Mwita gave a ruling that that controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna is a Kenyan; he was unlawfully removed from Kenya. According to the ruling, it is not possible to revoke anybody’s citizenship by birth.

“Even if the petitioner (Miguna) acquired Canadian citizenship, he did not lose his Kenyan citizenship. He remains a citizen of Kenya,” Justice Mwita stated.

The High court pointed out that holding Miguna Miguna in incommunicado and failing to allow him appear in court was a violation of the lawyer’s rights.

In addition, the court ordered the government pay Miguna Sh7 million as a compensation for continued violation of his rights.

Miguna had stated that he did acquire his Canadian citizenship voluntarily as he went to Canada seeking political asylum.

A tweet by Miguna shortly after being declared a kenyan citizen by the high court

The court had earlier dismissed the deportation of the controversial lawyer and had ordered the interior Ministry to deposit his passport at the High court, a decision which the ministry had vowed to appeal.

The controversial lawyer has faced numerous misfortunes following the revocation of his Kenyan citizenship. He was deported twice from Kenya as immigration officer claimed that he was not a Kenyan citizen and was required to reapply for his citizenship.


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