Here Are The NSSF New Rates


The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has introduced new contribution rates for all employed Kenyans, following the Court of Appeal’s decision on February 3, 2023, where the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Act No 45 of 2013 was upheld.

The new rate of contribution is 12 per cent of pensionable earnings split in half, with six per cent coming from the employee and six per cent coming from the employer.

The NSSF set the lower and upper earnings limit at a monthly salary of Ksh6,000 and Ksh18,000 respectively, which effectively saw employees earning Ksh6,000 contribute Ksh360 while those pocketing Ksh29,000 and above take a Ksh1,740 shave.

The NSSF Board published a notice in the local dailies on January 12, 2024, compelling all employees to implement Year 2 Contribution Rates, following the lapse of the first year of contribution.

Here are the contributions as stipulated by NSSF;

Source: NSSF

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