Jubilee Health Insurance Launches Revolutionary Family Physician Program

Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Njeri Jomo
Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Njeri Jomo. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Jubilee Health Insurance has introduced its latest innovation in Health Insurance, the Family Physician Program. The program offers an exclusive, personalized healthcare experience that ensures the best possible health outcomes for customers.

The Family Physician Program is designed to provide convenient and accessible care by assigning a dedicated family doctor to manage all aspects of a customer’s healthcare needs, from preventative care to chronic disease management. The program will be launched in phases, with select clients receiving the service initially, and eventually enrolling all customers.

The assigned family doctor will take charge of the family’s healthcare, from monitoring their health and history to identifying potential risk markers, offering preventative and curative care, and supporting them to remain healthy.

With the Family Physician Program, customers will enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Personalized healthcare with a designated family doctor who will serve as the custodian of their medical history.
  • Convenient access to care through scheduled in-person or virtual health check-ups.
  • Focus on wellness and positive health outcomes through proactive care of chronic diseases and a holistic, integrated approach to healthcare.
  • Drug delivery to the customer.

Family doctors play a crucial role in the healthcare system by providing medical education/advice and care to individuals and their families. The Family Physician Program will offer preventative care, such as routine health check-ups and screenings, to detect, treat, and manage health problems before they become serious. The program will also deliver continuity of care while improving the doctor’s understanding of the patient’s medical history.

Jubilee Health Insurance CEO Njeri Jomo emphasized the need to provide personalized, accessible, and quality healthcare solutions to their clients.

“Our Family Physician Program is a proactive and integrated healthcare approach that delivers convenient care through scheduled in-person or virtual health check-ups. The program covers mental wellness, diet, lifestyle, and chronic disease management. It will ensure timely treatment and improve health outcomes by efficiently managing disease, especially chronic illnesses,” she stated.

The Family Physician Program is a significant milestone in Jubilee Health Insurance’s journey to provide quality and affordable healthcare solutions to its clients. This program will empower our customers with the right tools to set and achieve their health goals through a guided plan with the family doctor.

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