Kenya’s Peugeot Dealer Urysia Limited Cuts Employee Salaries By 50 Percent, Sends Others on Unpaid Leave


Urysia Limited, the authorised dealer for Peugeot cars, has sent a good number of its employees on unpaid leave, and slashed salaries by 50 percent for the few remaining staffers.

In a memo to the staffers seen by Business Times, the company says that its sales have been greatly affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“In the last few months, we, like many others, have suffered substantial decline in the volume of our business as the country adjusts to the economic down-turn brought about by the pandemic. Selected members will be asked to proceed to unpaid leave until the situation overturns,” said the managing director and CEO Claude Mwende.

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“Salaries of staff who will not be on unpaid leave may be reviewed downwards by up to 50 percent,” added Mwende.

The company joins a number of other companies that have sent their staffers on unpaid leave, or slashed their salaries on grounds of the economic effects of Covid-19.

In 2017, Urysia signed a lease agreement with the government to supply a fleet of 500 units.  As of 2017, 1400 units had been leased in the first two phases with Peugeot having 300 vehicles in the fleet.

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