Khalwale’s Daughter, Zinzi Khalwale and 50 others rescued on Wednesday morning

Former Senator Boni Khalwale was among those who waited anxiously for their loved ones outside Dusit Complex following the attack on 14 Riverside Drive on Tuesday afternoon. Khalwale’s daughter Zinzi Khalwale was among over 50 people who were rescued from Dusit Complex on Wednesday morning following a terror attack.

Earlier, the politician had revealed to the public that his daughter was trapped inside and members of the public were quick to offer support.

However, at around 4am, Khalwale shared the good news of the successful operation on his official Twitter account.

He further condemned Islamic fundamentalism saying it should be defeated.

“3:27am AND my Zinzi is evacuated! I thank Mr Kanja (GSU Commandant) the rescue operations commander, MIke Lekaleile (OCS Muthangari) and the rest of the security forces for saving the hostages.

“Islamic fundamentalism has no place in the modern world n must be defeated,” he tweeted.

The attack was first reported at 3 pm on Tuesday and it is believed that the terrorists are still holed up in one of the buildings.

Survivors hailed the professionalism and swift response of the multi-agency security team during the operation and members of the public were urged to avoid the area until it is fully secured.