Kitui Flour Mills Acquires 100% Stake In Rafiki Millers

Kitui Flour Mills
[Photo/Kitui Flour Mills]

Kitui Flour Mills Limited, the manufacturer of the Dola flour brand, is set to acquire a 100 per cent stake in Rafiki Millers Limited.

The proposed takeover was published last month in a Kenyan gazette by the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK).

“Pursuant to the provisions of section 46 (6) of the Competition Act, 2010, it is notified for general information that in exercise of the powers conferred upon the Competition Authority by section 46 (6) (a) (ii) of the Competition Act, the Competition Authority has authorized the proposed transaction as set out herein,” CAK notice read in part.

Started in 1982, Kitui Flour Mills is among Kenya’s producers of home products such as maize and wheat flours under the Dola brand, among others.

Likewise, Rafiki Millers Limited manufactures maize and wheat flours under the Lotus brand.

The acquisition is set to increase Kitui Flour Mills capacity as well as market share after the takeover.

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