Polycarp Igathe Returns To Equity As Group Chief Commercial Officer

Polycarp Igathe. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Polycarp Igathe has returned to Equity Bank as Group chief commercial officer moments after resigning from Vivo Energy on Friday.

Before joining Vivo Energy, he was Equity Kenya managing director.

At Vivo Energy, Igathe served as the Executive Vice President in charge of Sales for Africa before he left on Friday.

“We thank Polycarp for his contribution to Vivo Energy and wish him the very best in the future,” said Vivo in a statement.

Omar Benson was appointed to serve in Igathe’s position on an interim basis.

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Omar will however continue to serve his current role; Head of Retail and CR Strategy and projects while reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Igathe returned to Vivo Energy in September 2019 after a four-month stint at Equity Bank as the managing director.

Before joining Equity Bank, Igathe had served as the Nairobi deputy governor before falling out with Sonko and resigning.

Before joining politics in 2017, Igathe had been working at Vivo Energy as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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