Simplest Public Wi-Fi Protection Tip for Frequent Business Travelers


Most people work from home, and even in brick and mortar companies, most have moved away from wired connections. Most companies rely on wireless technologies, which are more vulnerable to attacks. A risk analysis is a priority in any given company, as it identifies any vulnerabilities in the system and offers solutions. Hackers tend to capitalize on these security flaws, making attacks common and that’s why it is necessary to learn a basic public Wi-Fi protection tip.

Working from home is a new trend. It is more convenient and frees you up from traffic and commute time. PCs are becoming increasingly rare, and the comfort of working with a laptop trumps all other options. It is normal to find people with laptops in coffee shops, malls, and airports. These people all need Wi-Fi to work, so the next best thing to do is connect to free Wi-Fi.

You must avoid free Wi-Fi at all costs if you do not have VPN protection. Hackers have become very crafty and can hack into unsecured networks. All your data is at risk when you connect to free Wi-Fi. Hackers can use many methods to steal your sensitive data.

Some attacks include:

  • Man-in-the-middle
  • Packet sniffing
  • Rogue Wi-Fi
  • Endpoint

How to stay safe

The simple answer is to use a VPN. How does VPN work? A VPN provides you with a secure tunnel between your device and the internet such that your internet traffic is well-protecting from interception and snooping. For the same reason, a VPN also allows you to browse anonymously by hiding your IP address; it also unblocks websites restricted by geo-blocks or censorships. However, you must steer clear of free VPNs, as they tend to sell your information to the highest bidder.

Why you need to avoid free public Wi-Fi zones unless you have a VPN

Now, more than ever, you can protect yourself by purchasing a laptop with an inbuilt VPN. ExpressVPN and HP have partnered in a bid to improve their clients’ security. More people are aware of the uses of VPNs. Employers whose employees work on the go, need to secure communication between the company network and the employee’s network. This is especially if the employees travel a lot and tend to log in from hotels or airports.

VPN growth and HP’s Solutions

A survey by GlobalWebIndex discovered that 30% of people using the internet had used a VPN in the previous month. The global growth projection of the VPN market is about 50%. This growth is from an approximate $23 billion this year (2019) to almost $36 billion in 2022!

HP clients will no longer have to worry about securing a VPN separately. The new HP Spectre x360 13 comes with a pre-installed VPN. It also has an exclusive 30-day trial period, within which the PC user can gain access to all ExpressVPN apps.

Six out of 10 consumers physically cover the webcam on their laptops so that they can feel more secure. The New HP Spectre x360 13 incorporates such security features like the HP Webcam Kill Switch as additional security measures.

Public Wi-Fi Protection: Use a VPN

Now you can log into any Wi-Fi network without worrying that someone might be listening in on your communications or intercepting your data in transit.

Companies and businesses especially have a lot to gain by this, as losing data is very expensive in terms of lawsuits and loss of clients.

The HP community is a forward-thinking one, always looking to the future, and coming up with industry solutions. These solutions available range from healthcare, education and retail solutions, which include POS for businesses. It is no surprise that ExpressVPN has teamed up with HP to create a digital security solution for its users.


Technological advances keep ensuring we can protect ourselves from malicious hackers. ExpressVPN and HP have recognized a need to help people achieve tight security for their data. Soon, others will follow suit in a bid to provide better digital protection.

Keeping data safe is a priority for everyone, more so businesses. Being sued for damages after a data leak is enough to bring any business to its knees. Buying a PC or laptop that has security features such as a pre-installed VPN will be the new norm.

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