Username Investments Gifts A Needy Kenyan with a Plot to Call Home this Valentine`s

Username Investments gifts a needy Kenyan, Musa K. Yatich, whose touching life story, was among the hundreds of compelling stories of needy people submitted on the company’s social media pages.

Musa led in total votes tally after the public overwhelmingly voted for his story which he mentioned that he has faced a number of challenges in life including that of his son being blind and disabled since 2017.  The free plot was given by the Company as a special Valentine’s Day gift to Musa.

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Wamo Non Formal Education Centre that hosts over 40 children in Kawangware came second and were awarded a shopping voucher a symbol of love and compassion to the children aged 5-15 years.

Username Team, Musa Yatich, and Wamo Non Formal Education Centre

Username Investments received hundreds of compelling stories from Kenyans who nominated relatives, friends, lovers and colleagues who are very needy, have faced challenges, endured pain and may have even lost hope in life. The stories elicited a lot of reactions from the public.

To determine the most deserving person in a fair and transparent manner, Username Investments called upon Kenyans to help in deciding the winner by liking the photo of the most compelling story. Each like was considered as a single vote. Musa’s story emerged with the highest number of likes and he received a place to call home for his family from a company that believes in making home ownership accessible to all Kenyans through offering affordable plots.

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Speaking while awarding the winner, Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investment Ltd., noted that, “we settled on the idea of giving a free plot as a unique way of sharing love to one of us in our society. We believe that love makes the impossible possible and we extended a rare gesture of giving someone residential land on Valentine’s Day where they can settle their family in line with our mission of providing the current and upcoming generation with a place to call home.”

Reuben Kimani (right), CEO, Username Investment Ltd. awarding Wamo Non Formal Education Centre children a shopping voucher as a Valentine’s Day Gift.

Reuben continued by mentioning that, “I am glad that we have impacted a young family today. Username Investments Team went through hundreds of stories that were submitted and I must admit that it has not been an easy task as all were deserving thus making it extremely hard for us to narrow down to one winner.

To ensure fairness on who should walk away with the free plot, we called upon Kenyans to help us in deciding the winner and we were able to narrow down to Musa K. Yatich. We hope that this truly makes him feel loved, appreciated and encouraged in life. We sincerely appreciate you all for helping us spread the love and uplift someone’s life this Valentine’s Day.”

Speaking while receiving his gift, Musa Yatich noted, “Thank you Username Investment Ltd., for this gift, thank you Kenyans for your overwhelming support and votes. My son has been unwell since 2017 and I have been constantly supporting him with the hope of a better tomorrow. Apart from this, I have had so many other challenges in life but I still thank God.

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Owning a place to call home was nearly impossible for me, as my priority has been my son’s health. Thank you Username Investments and Kenyans for making my home ownership dream a reality, I will now be able to settle my young family. Indeed, love makes the impossible possible. This is my most memorable Valentine’s Day”.

Reuben noted that, the Company has been on the forefront in making land ownership dream a reality. Username Investments previously gave Martin Kamotho alias githeri Man a free serviced land in Ngong and issued him with a title deed.  This was after his picture eating githeri while on the queue on the Election Day went viral and he calmed tensions through modified versions of his picture that did rounds on the internet.

“As Username Family, we will continue empowering Kenyan communities to own homes by providing affordable, strategic and value-added properties”, Reuben concluded.

Pristine Gardens – Matuu is located in Musingini, 15 minutes’ drive from Matuu Town and touches the recently tarmacked Kivandini –Masinga road. The project is value added with a perimeter fence, estate gate, graded access road with water and electricity on site. Musa will now be able to develop his property and settle his young family.

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