Betty Kyalo Criticised After Ranting About Her Career While Drunk – Video


TV personality Betty Kyalo was today the topic of discussion in the interwebs, after her video of her ranting while drunk went viral.

In the video, the K24 TV news anchor told off those who told her she cannot be a role model, saying she is her daughter’s role model.

“They’re saying you can’t have fun because of wee ni role model. f**k that s***! I take care of my child and I’m her role model,” she said.

She accused ‘haters’, especially bloggers of plotting her downfall.

Many times people wanna bring you down. whoever is watching right now, I came from work, did my show…f**k everybody out there who thinks that Betty is not good enough. I don’t care because I do my best and work so hard, I am a mum, not yet a wife but hopefully soon. I’m also a businesswoman so for anybody who’s gonna hate on this video and say Betty Kyalo spotted drunk f**k you!” she said.

A section of Kenyans on Twitter felt that Betty was crossing the red line of her career, while others felt that she had every right to air her opinion about life.

Here’s the video:

Here are some reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.


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