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With the corona virus causing a disruption in many sectors, travel has not been left behind. Destinations are shutting down to travellers, people are being advised or forced to practice social distancing and self-quarantine, things have slowed down. Staying cooked up in the house, especially for those who are used to being social, the travellers, can be such a boring task. Tempers flare, depression rises and days just seem to drag on. That is why technology is being used to make life easier and bearable for people during this time.

For travellers, armchair travelling is the fall-back plan. Technology now allows you to experience a place from the comfort of your seat through virtual tours and docuseries, allowing your mind to take a break and enjoy the sights and scenes from your favourite destinations.  For the Kenyans who were planning to visit Dubai this month or during Easter, or those who just want an escape from the stay home boredom, below are a must do activities that you can enjoy during your “quarancation”.


From the comfort of your seat, Immerse yourself in regional culture through virtual tours of some of Dubai’s best museums like Al Naif Museum, an old fort built out of clay.  Al Naif Museum was once the headquarters of the Dubai Police Force, serving as the base of Dubai’s very first police station. Home to one of the UAE’s most famous poets, Al Oqaili Poet Museum showcases beautiful aspects of a harmonious marriage between architecture and art. This heritage home holds artistic ornaments and writings – an expression of its owner’s fine taste, but also houses important historical artefacts.

A small but special historical monument, Umm Al Sheif Majlis served as the summer home to the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. This two-story structure, known for its peaceful surroundings, served as the perfect getaway from the bustle of the city, but is especially well-commemorated as a key place for decision-making for Sheikh Rashid and his council (Majlis).


Experience regional art through virtual tours of some of Dubai’s best art showcases. International favourite Art Dubai is taking its content online for armchair travellers to enjoy. The festival will come alive in the digital space and will feature its annual Global Art Forum which gathers original and contemporary thinkers into an intimate open space. Visitors will also be treated to a series of themed and curated performance art programmes, and can enjoy over 500 artworks across in its online art catalogue.


Renowned cultural district Alserkal Avenue is banding together in the spirit of community. To give audiences access to all of its new art exhibitions, the chance to get to know some of the contributing creators or simply to browse, the district is launching its 360-degree digital platform.



Get a taste of world-class culinary creations by renowned Dubai chefs from the comfort of your couch. Dubai-based chef, and ex-head of Waka, Roberto Segura creates healthy dishes each week. Segura promotes clean eating through his easy-to-make, plant-based cuisine that can be prepared from supermarket-bought ingredients. Tune in to Segura’s YouTube channel Cooking With Roberto and his IGTV @chef_robertosegura 



Learn more about Dubai’s magnificent landmarks like the Burj Khalifa which will be featured in documentary series “BIG!” hosted by Richard Hammond. The series focuses on the most daring and the largest engineering feats around the world. Viewers can tune in to Discovery Channel and Amazon Prime for the full episode dedicated to the miraculous structure.


With Dubai 360, the world’s largest and highest quality virtual tour programme, it has never been easier to experience some of the city’s history and heritage. The programme gives visitors access to a number of Dubai’s landmarks from anywhere in the world, including cascading rooftop views over the entire expanse of the city.


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