Nyamira Farmer Wins Ksh500K From Gurumisha Na KCB Promotion


Joseph Mogaka, a resident of Nyamira County, is celebrating a life-changing moment after winning a cool Ksh500, 000 from the Gurumisha na KCB promotion.

Mogaka, a farmer known for his poultry and livestock keeping expressed his excitement after winning the monies he says will go a long way in bolstering his agricultural ventures and urged KCB customers to take part in the promotion.

It was an ordinary day for Mr Mogaka when he received the call that would change his life as he was seated at his favourite barber shop in Keroka, getting a trim when his phone rang.

An ecstatic Mogaka said: “I am overwhelmed with joy after winning this money in the first week of the Gurumisha na KCB promotion. At first, I did not believe it, I went to see the Branch Manager after receiving a call and I can confirm that it is a real promotion. I am requesting all other KCB customers to participate and change their lives as well.”

Gurumisha na KCB is a campaign that allows KCB customers to win daily and weekly after depositing money into their accounts. The bank matches the money a customer deposits into their accounts.

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