Top Five Telegram Channels You Can Join During Lockdown


For the last three months or so, people across the world have witnessed unprecedented times as they have been forced to deal with a strange virus, stay-at-home orders, crazy lockdown measures, losses of jobs and sources of livelihood and basically, reduced entertainment due to the cancellation of events and sports.

As more and more people stay in their homes, including in Kenya, as curfews and cessations of movement continues to be effected, people have been finding ways to stay entertained and stay alive during this crazy pandemic.

One of the ways that people, especially in Kenya, have been keeping themselves informed, entertained and educated during this quarantine period is by joining Telegram groups.

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Telegram groups have grown exponentially in Kenya and they’ve been the first to deliver breaking news, viral videos, sex tapes, gossip, crazy recordings and wild happenings across the world.

Kenya has also seen some of their best Telegram groups grow in huge numbers over the last three months as the quarantine measures continue to be in effect.

These are the top five Kenyan Telegram groups that have been the hottest groups of the last several weeks.


This group, with some 3000 or so members, started off as Crazy Monday before it was rebranded to Meme Society of Kenya. As the name suggests, this group is basically one for laughter and memes.

Bored and stressed out Kenyans have been having a good laugh from the group’s regular posts. Would definitely advise you to join if you want to break your ribs. It doesn’t hurt to forget the curfew woes for a minute and just laugh it all out.

4. TOBOA by Xtian Dela

This channel basically sees Kenyans expose some hard truths, private matters, deep confessions and also get to read the confessions and leaked conversations of others.

It’s gossip on steroids as Xtian Dela encourages people to dish out dirt on each other and watch the madness unfold. Pray to God that your name never comes up there.


Standing at 33,000 members, this group normally shares breaking news items to members at the speed of light. Nyakundi gets to break all the latest happenings for his members within minutes of happening. Videos and photos that are rare to find are also easily found here. It’s like CNN, but for Telegram and for Kenya.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]
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This group, as the name vaguely suggests, is the one for literature lovers. A quarantine can be a rather boring affair and what better way to kick away the blues than by catching up on some interesting read? But this is not a kid’s playground.

The theme of the writings is strictly adult and especially for the adults who love the thrill of a well-written, suspenseful erotic narrative. Lovers of reading are definitely having the time of their life in the group that now stands at 12,000 members. And yes, we highly recommend that you join it for a purely thrilling ride.


Unlike the rest of the groups, all of which are mostly founded on extreme gossip and salacious material, this group has jumped from 0 members to close to 1000 members in just three or four weeks.

People are broke. And people are losing jobs every single minute. This group, therefore, was created to help jobless Kenyans and other entrepreneurial types find alternative ways to make money by trading online.

Hundreds of Kenyans have been learning how to do forex trading and other related material and have been making quite a quick buck from the lessons and trainings posted on the group. It was founded by millionaire forex trading guru Joe Kariuki and, at least, it’s a group we can definitely ask you to join. I mean, don’t we all want to survive this pandemic? Most definitely.

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