Tips For Successful Betting On Horse Race

Horse racing

Horse racing is traditionally considered the most popular discipline for betting. However, nowadays, more and more users come to betting platforms for football or tennis. At the same time, upon opening the horse racing page, the user cannot immediately understand its specifics. Let’s find out what lies behind successful betting in this discipline and how to get maximum profit.

Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Any bettor dreams of finding a win-win strategy and getting rich quickly. We’ll disappoint you. They don’t exist. However, intelligent tactics will reduce losses and make betting more organized. On the resource, you can find information about sports betting strategies. In this post, let’s see which path you can take in horse racing.

Types of Betting on Horse Racing

As in any sport, horse racing has an excellent variety of betting options. But the vast majority of players use only a few types, which allow them to win without further ado.

  • Bet on the win. It is a simple option that doesn’t need much explanation. You are betting that the horse will win.
  • Each way. It is a bet that the horse will either win or come in a winning position. Attention, there is a nuance here: with an e/w bet, the bet amount is doubled. “Bet 100 KES each way” means you will bet 200 KES. It is logical since you are simultaneously betting on victory and a prize place.
  • Forecast. It is a bet on horses to finish first or second in a single race. There are two types: straight forecast, where you give only one option, and reverse forecast, a bet that horses will come first and second in any order. With the reverse forecast, the bet amount is doubled because, in essence, you are making two bets on two possible outcomes.
  • Tricast. It’s the same as forecast but with three horses.
  • Head-to-head. Here, you are betting that one horse will finish ahead of the other, regardless of where they finish.

And, of course, bets on horse racing, like any other, can be combined into accumulators.

Betting on Recent Winners

The player must analyze the results of those races that took place earlier and identify the obvious favourites in them. If the winner performs consistently throughout the season or has had a decent amount of time to rest, it makes sense to bet on the favourite.

Horses and Jockeys Partnership

Here, you must analyze the results and find the horse close to success in the previous race, being in second or third position. If the jockey remains the same, they will understand the horse better. Therefore, the chances of winning become greater.

Bet on the Loser

You need to find a horse that has consistently given good results, but for some reason, it was among the underdogs in the last races. In this case, bookmakers will begin to deprive the attention of the one who lost. Since companies want to avoid diving into statistical calculations, you can and should play on this.

What to Consider When Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing is widespread in Kenya, and many bettors have attended racecourses since childhood. If you are new to this betting section, use this list of factors to make your predictions.

  • Age of the horse. Of course, over a short distance, the younger horse is the clear favorite, but over longer distances, experience matters a lot.
  • Rest between runs. The player must know what distance the horse will cover and how much time it will have to recover. For a sprint, the optimal duration is a month, but for long distances, too long a break is a negative factor.
  • Jockey weight. On average, an experienced jockey weighs at most 60 kilograms. Only beginners show higher weight. By knowing their weight, we can indirectly judge how skilled they are.
  • Weather. Since the hippodrome grounds are open, any weather changes in one way or another impact the final result, which outsiders can take advantage of, and the leaders may find themselves behind the underdogs.

Remember that making a 100% correct prediction is almost impossible because we can’t exclude the influence of unpredictable factors. However, consistent analysis significantly reduces the likelihood of losing.


Players use different strategies to increase the efficiency of betting on horse racing. There are several gaming tactics developed strictly for horse racing. They are mainly used to play on the clear favorites of the race; there is also a risky strategy of playing on outsiders. Of course, to make a correct prediction, you need to analyze information and consider many factors. Also, no one can exclude the influence of chance. Therefore, before you discover the wonderful world of betting on horse racing, study all the available materials and use the tips from this article.

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