Tuskys Clears The Air About Number Of Employees Sacked


Tusker Mattresses Limited, the parent company for Tuskys Supermarket now says it only fired five employees over redundancy issues.

In a letter to its employees, the retailer said that it was now outsourcing services for the facilities department, that was affected by redundancy.

“Due to specific adjustments undertaken to derive value on one of our non-core operating units (Facilities Department) that has now been outsourced to a specialist firm, we have declared 5 (Five) roles redundant,” said the Dan Githua CEO Tusker Mattresses Limited.

However, well placed sources who spoke to Business Times indicate that 30 percent of staffers could be fired, as the retailer seeks to outsource major services.

Also, this writer learns that there are management wrangles in the family-owned business over who will control the business.

Among the employees targeted in the retrenchment are top employees, and the directors too.

Githua blamed leakage of earlier news that they had fired dozens to someone who had ulterior motives.

“I would like to urge you all to focus on your roles and performance and avoid external distractions,” he told the employees.

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In a notice dated February 19, 2020, the retailer announced that its performance in the last two years has been on the decline.

“As such the company has embarked on a process of restructuring its operations to ensure financial viability. This has been orchestrated by a drop In sales and in customer numbers even as the Kenyan retail sector continues to experience growth with entry of big multinational players,” said the company.

The  supermarket has 65 branches across the country and in Uganda. In addition, it has a staff base of over 6,000 employees.

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